Yamaha Golf Carts

Specialty carts and options are available for all kinds of applications. From personal pleasure use and other 'people moving' jobs to agricultural and industrial use the golf cart is an efficient alternative - and sometimes, it's not only the best choice, it's the only choice.

Canadian Cart Sales 35 years of experience in the sales and service of golf carts is your guarantee that you are dealing with the experts who either have exactly what you need, or know just where and how to get it!

  • Cottage
  • Trailer Park
  • Gated Communities
  • Agriculture & Farm Use
  • Logging
  • Factories
  • Special Events
  • Disability / Mobility

Golf carts are our business. It's all we do.

The Concierge

The Concierge, designed to get them where they're going and make them glad they made the trip.

Equipped with a comfortable seat, a smooth, quiet ride and body lines that make you smile, the Concierge is more than a means of getting from point A to point B. Available in gas or electric, 4-passenger and 6-passenger configurations, the Concierge features the widest bench seats in the industry.

Seats that are sculpted out of pure supple foam and shaped to provide exceptional passenger support, promote good posture and are equipped with armrests for comfort and security. The Concierge also has enough leg room for a basketball star and its independent front suspension will make you feel like you're riding on air.

Leave it to Yamaha to create a low-maintenance vehicle designed to please high-maintenance passengers.

The Adventurer One


Hard work beware.

Inside the Adventurer One beats the adrenaline-charged heart of The DRIVE®, the Yamaha vehicle designed not only to be the most comfortable, dependable golf car ever built, but also the least expensive to maintain.

Similarities aside, the Adventurer One was built for work. And despite its rugged good looks, the Adventurer is ready to handle your most daunting tasks without even breaking a sweat.

So whether you’re getting ready to tend the back nine, dragging the infield, maintaining the campus, moving supplies to the marina or fly fishing in the great outdoors, take comfort in knowing the Adventurer One will work as hard as you do.

The Fairway Lounge

The Fairway Lounge

At this exact moment, all over your course, there are players who would gladly hand over the hard earned cash in their pockets for something to munch on and something to wash it down with. This specially equipped vehicle is the means by which you can turn their cravings into a boost for your bottom line. After all, for your customers it's refreshment. For you it's profit.

In addition to our lineup of new Utility Carts from Yamaha we often have a selection of utility and purpose built carts from Yamaha, E-Z-Go and Club Car in our used golft cart inventory.